If we had to answer the question ”Who is our number one customer?“—what do you think we would say?

Our top revenue-producing client?  Well sure, that makes sense, but it’s not the right answer.

You might be surprised to learn that Summit Security, along with every security company, have the same “number one” customer: our security officers.

Security companies live and die on the performance, appearance and attitude of their security officers. Without their hard work and loyalty, we would be unable to provide the level of service required to keep paying clients happy and more secure.

That’s why we at Summit Security treat our security guards with respect and show appreciation for their hard work. Here 10 ways to show your officers you care:

  1. Offer health insurance when you can. 50% participation in their monthly premiums goes a long way to help pay the bills.
  2. Internal equity is so important. All things being equal, pay your officers the same rate for their experience and post duties.
  3. Have managers take coffee out to a site a few nights a month. Let your guards know you recognize the nights can be long and cold!
  4. Recognize top performers with bonuses, awards and kudos. Let them know they are doing their jobs above expectations—and that it is appreciated and rewarded.
  5. Throw employee dinners every few months where they can invite their family and mingle with the office staff. Keep it casual and fun so everyone is comfortable being themselves.
  6. Recognize security officers’ birthdays with cards signed by the staff.
  7. Offer Holiday Pay…no one likes to work on the 4th of July, so make it worth their while!
  8. Provide security officers with the professional tools to do their job. Newer, marked security vehicles, PDAs in the field with real time online reporting software, clean, fresh uniforms…. all these things communicates that tools you provide match your performance expectations.
  9. If you are profitable, give a small year end or Christmas bonus. Even a $10 gift card to McDonald’s goes a long way to saying “Thank You.”
  10. Always remember to treat your security officers a little bit like your family. They will have their ups and downs, successes and failures. So be there to listen, give them support, encouragement, and when they need it, discipline. The loyalty and commitment in return will be worth the investment.

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