Bad service from a contract security provider is never a surprise to anyone who has experience with the industry.  Many contract security providers mirror the construction industry when it comes to keeping commitments for delivery of services.  Delays and excuses are common and it seems there is no remorse on the part of the companies who don’t keep their promises.

So why I am throwing construction contractors under the bus along with security companies? Well besides the fact that my kitchen remodel took months longer than promised (does that sound bitter?), both get paid a lot of money for their services, yet historically both seem to get a hall pass for poor service. Their clients just assume it comes with the territory.

But there is a big difference in these two industries. While the construction contractor will complete his job and, barring any major flaws, get paid, the contract security company may lose the account.

There can be some enormous upfront costs for security companies gearing up to start an account: Hiring, training, uniforms, equipment and administrative costs to name a few. It can take many months to get a return on that investment, so if service is so bad that the contract is terminated early on… bye, bye ROI.

A bigger issue for any security company that provides bad service is the poor reputation that follows and never seems to go away. Opportunities for new business or referrals are lost as a result and it can take years to repair the damage.

The choice must be clear when it comes to deciding where to spend your money, time and efforts within your security organization. Invest in anything and everything that promotes excellent service for your clients. Make it your company culture to emphasize good customer service in order to earn a reputation you can be proud of… because it’s the right thing to do for your clients and your company. Your clients are paying for a level of security services that you agreed to provide. Neither you as the security contractor nor your client should expect anything less.

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