Today we hear “cutting edge technology” and our minds race to the devices and gadgets of all shapes and sizes that we use in our daily lives. But the indisputable winner has to be the telephone, or more accurately, the smart phone. From its humble beginnings the telephone has grown to be the technology at the center of everything we do. It wakes us up, gives us the weather, driving directions and enables us to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.

In security it can also be the lifeline of how we conduct business. Companies like Summit Security depend on the smart phone as a tool for real-time reporting. Summit’s real-time reporting software, RealtimeDAR, allows security guards to report on their smart phones with text, photo and audio files. Our guards can report literally everything they observe as they make their rounds.

Summit’s clients benefit by having instant access to the real-time reporting online 24/7. The transparency it provides gives clients a clear picture of their properties plus 100% accountability from their security company. Both are critical pieces of communication for a successful partnership.

The smart phone has surpassed its humble beginnings and the biggest winners are the clients who use “smart” security companies who know how to capitalize on this ever growing technology.

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