We all have it, that part of us that┬ápretends, either secretly or openly, to be something more or different than our reality. It may be a harmless fantasy personally, but professionally it can have devastating results…. especially in the world of security.

Many security providers look very different on the outside from how they actually operate on the inside. That will affect service at your site and possibly expose you to liability.

Here are five things to look for when screening a security provider so that you know what you see on the outside is what you get on the inside:

1. Compliance Documents: Make sure they have proper licensing, insurance, etc. This separates the professionals from the fly-by-night companies.

2. Employee Handbook: It should be comprehensive and up to date. If they aren’t clear in their communications to their employees they won’t be with you either.

3. Org Chart: Ask to see one so you can see the “depth” of ┬áthe organization. This will tell you if this is a one man show and will give you an idea of the support you will have for security at all your locations.

4. Tools: Do the security officers have good equipment and the latest technology? Are the cars new and do they use online reporting? All of this is an indication of where they spend their resources… either supporting officers in the field or filling the company coffers…

5. 24/7 Dispatch: Security is a 24-hour job and they should have dedicated full time employees ON STAFF who are available to answer all complaints and concerns every hour of the day.

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