What makes a great partnership? If you’ve ever had a successful partnership in business (or in marriage) you know the keys are cooperation and good communication.

For security service providers, good communication starts the instant they meet with a client to discuss expectations. Everyone has expectations—providers and clients alike—but making sure they are the same is critical for a successful business relationship.

Sometimes an inexperienced or overzealous client may not have a clear picture of the type of security that companies can provide or understand the limits to the services they can LEGALLY perform.

Unarmed security companies have a primary function to OBSERVE and REPORT what is happening at the clients’ property and to act as a deterrent. This is 95% of what unarmed security companies should be expected to provide. While providing those services, many security companies will also monitor and control access points, do enforce parking rules and perform locks and unlocks on properties.

Customers who are looking for duties outside of these basic tenants of unarmed security should be aware  they may be exposing their security provider and THEIR property to liability.

So keep open lines of communication, a cooperative spirit and realistic expectations for your security service. Then, enjoy the successful business relationship you have built into a true security partnership for your site!

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